Welcome to The Project Beta Updates Page

Late December 2020.

Development has continued.

Rewrote Beta controls.

Changed Text on screen to say Rocky Mountain instead on "Whomps Fotress".

Fixed Star 0 issue.

Fixed Big Coin Glitch.

added beta hud and numbers.

added beta text.

added Thowmp and Whomp textures.

Changed Hud Possision.

added beta trees.

added beta model and walking cycle but the beta model had to be removed due to techinical issues.

added Dire Dire Docks Music.

January 2021

Added Beta bullies

Updated hud

Beta boos added

Slightly Pail final star

Beta mario model added and custom beta controls started development

E3 Title screen (Partually) added

Snow slide painting added

February 2021

Giga leak stages added

Long jump changed (Removed)

Project Restarted

Added Beta Pause menu and Beta Crouching

Added Giga Leak Thwomp as well as the Giga Leak Swimming animtion

added Dudaw power meter and sky boxes

Added Nintendo logo (Temporarily removed)

Changed text in pause menu to be in english (Temporarily removed)

Snow Slide Level model added

March 2021 (So far)

Whomps Fortress and Lethal lava land model imported

Added shaded coins

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